1.94 We reviewed the documents, including integrated fisheries management plans, NAFO and CICTA stock assessments, conservation and enforcement guidelines, and annual reports, to determine conservation objectives and measurable targets for the four selected stocks. We found that conservation objectives and measures vary depending on the status of stocks. 1.20 As noted above, the federal government is committed to improving its management efficiency and accountability. It has developed a series of management frameworks and other instruments that could help responsible services define and achieve the desired results under international environmental agreements. 1.132 In our case studies, we found that responsible departments have different information and knowledge about achieving the environmental objectives and outcomes of their agreements. We found that the departments were aware of the environmental results for two agreements (the Montreal Protocol and the Ozone Annex), were unaware of the results for two others (MARPOL and Ramsar) and were partially aware of an agreement (UNFA). We found that, for the Montreal Protocol and the Ozone Annex, the expected results were clearly defined and the results measured. Minister Paje added that the Phiippiners would continue to cascade climate change mitigation and adaptation measures to sub-national levels and invest in local climate-resilient economies, in line with international framework conditions for the post-2015 year, such as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. 1.19 Performance Outlook.

The definition of clear, quantified and time-limited performance expectations is an essential cornerstone of effective accountability. Services cannot be held responsible for achieving results unless these results are adequately defined in the first place. However, setting expectations and subsequently measuring actual results on these expectations can be a huge challenge in addressing complex environmental issues. 1.11 Since 1972, Canada has often played a key role in the development of the international environmental agenda and has endorsed a growing number of international agreements and similar instruments dealing with various environmental issues.