The new trade agreement was signed late on Wednesday evening, June 27 in the conference room of the Meeting Street Public Service Building. The industrial agreement was negotiated with BPSU under the former government. It was found that the country`s serious financial situation limited the negotiations to fundamental incremental distinctions. He said negotiations for a new agreement will continue in the second week of January 2020. He informed the union that he was considering a counter-proposal for the remaining financial matters. He stressed, however, that after several meetings in 2016, agreement had been reached on most of these issues, including an increase in wages and allowances. However, discussions continued again due to a general union concern. “I have not received anything from the government in the sense of a counter-proposal on the financial aspects of an agreement. We had some discussions with the Prime Minister and I asked him to consider some things.

I said we would stop until he came back to us, which I am waiting for on Tuesday. As riots between three organisations affiliated with the Trade Union Congress (TUC) continued, the Union of Public Services of the Bahamas (BPSU) yesterday signed a multi-million euro industrial agreement. On Tuesday, BPSU President John Pinder, who is also president of the National Congress of Trade Unions, advised members not to take part in trade union actions. At a press conference at public Hosp… A copy of the agreement signed on 4 December indicated that BPSU members received the lump sum payment effective December 2019. The government yesterday signed an industrial agreement with the Bahamas Public Utilities Union (BPSU), which will increase the minimum wage by $800 a year for nearly 2,000 union members… Under the agreement, BPSU government members will pay an initial lump sum of $800 in the first quarter of the fiscal year and $600 by the end of December. Mr. Evans compared the situation to a roof leak that needed to be repaired, either in the budget or in the company`s budget. He proposed that the same should be true for union collective bargaining in the public sector, even though no provision was included in the 2019-2020 budget for wage and benefit increases. In its statement, the government stated that, although the interim agreement had been reached and negotiations on non-financial components were progressing, some financial issues remain unresolved and must be resolved.