Teachers returned to school on Friday after an 11-day strike. They had gathered in the snow and rain until union officials and municipal officials reached an agreement to raise teachers` salaries and bring a social worker and a nurse to each school. Some of the most ambitious proposals by teachers, such as the city`s requirement to expand affordable housing, have not made the cut. Teachers went on strike on October 17 after months of negotiations with Chicago Public Schools and the city. The strike has made academics, sports and college preparation for about 350,000 students and their families in slow motion. Teachers ended the strike on 31 October after more than half of the union`s elected delegates provisionally approved the agreement. The union voted to authorize a strike and teachers and others went on strike lines 17 October after what the union said was 10 months of “frustrated” negotiations. The strike also complicated the lives of some parents who said that because students are not in school, they had to find babysitters or make other arrangements. But others have expressed support. “We don`t understand why the mayor can`t just call and say, “We`re going to give you an agreement to organize the course time,”” Sharkey said. If the mayor calls, and I accept that call and she says we have an agreement on that, we will be back at work tomorrow. Like previous departures, Chicago teachers had insisted that there be more money to relieve overcrowded classrooms and support staff, as well as increase the salaries of the district`s 25,000 teachers. CHICAGO (AP) – Chicago teachers on Friday approved a contract that ended an 11-day strike and includes pay increases, $35 million to impose class size limits and a commitment to provide each school with a nurse and a social worker. After the strike, marked by exuberant union protests and a tense war of words between union leaders and Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago public school officials, the strike was suspended after a last showdown on October 31 over the number of missed school days. It was the second longest in a wave of strikes by American teachers in recent years in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Arizona and California, culminating in a three-week June strike in Union City, California.

The Union Chamber voted Wednesday in favor of approving the preliminary agreement, 362-242, NBC Chicago reported. The borough also committed $35 million to reduce the size of classrooms and prioritize schools that serve the most vulnerable students. The agreement includes a 16 per cent pay increase for teachers over five years and a remarkable 40 per cent increase for teaching assistants, employees and other low-paid workers.