This clause makes it clear that the formal agreement replaces all previous agreements or agreements on the purpose. This document of 13 languages contains 21 clauses on the themes – interpretation/definitions – Licenses and deadlines – Duration – Licensing Obligations – Licensing Obligations – Licensing Bonds – Intellectual Property – Goods Orders – Goods Manufacturing – Control and Verification – Delivery – Refusal – Guarantee and Compensation – Confidentiality – Confidentiality – Confidentiality – Law and Settlement of Disputes C139 -产供应协双 () You must make a clear statement from the outset on these issues of design and manufacture, price and production and spiritual velvet. This means that you need an ODM agreement that determines how they are resolved. During this article, I will refer to their thoughts and show you what are the most common documents in relations with Chinese manufacturers, what information you should have listed in your agreements and what is the value of having them in place. But don`t get comfortable just because you signed an agreement with them. Most of the manufacturing contracts we design include one of three different types of manufacturing agreements: original hardware manufacturing (OEM), contract manufacturing (CM) and original design manufacturing (ODM). These three different regimes influence different legal issues inherent in overseas production. The sales contract is probably the most important and misunderstood document for foreign buyers in China. This is the document that lists the terms and conditions of the transaction between you, the buyer and the supplier. The answer is simple — you have a valid manufacturing contract in China. Of course, the 9/10 factories in China would probably have refused to take success, and we probably would not have done anything about it.

But at the end of the day, finding the time to establish a relationship with a professional supplier and design a contract is what allows us to be compensated for the mistakes of the factories. Excellent service all around. ContractStore had exactly what I needed. Professional contract, quick purchase, excellent communication you will get an answer to the same day`s questions. I bought the security contract that was suitable for my business. Buying online was quick, easy to follow on the site and within minutes I downloaded my new contract. We also often see problems that could be avoided by entering into a manufacturing contract in advance when a customer is dissatisfied with its current Chinese producer and wishes to relocate production to a new supplier`s plant. In accordance with our sales contract, we deducted a percentage agreed in advance (total order) from the last down payment of 70%. Which saved us $1,500. Contracts are important in China, but don`t just think about getting a detailed contract, which means it`s the end of your job. If your product is fully developed and you only use a Chinese factory to put your products into production, the addition of this type of agreement may not be necessary.

Now you`re in one he said, she said the situation without a stamped arrangement… And again, don`t forget to create the agreement in English and Chinese, if not practical, at least have translated the finer points into Chinese.