TL; DR: The apprentice salary (for this specific location anyway) seems absurdly high, I wonder why and/or if I miss something. Sounds good? I know that not all the people will pay almost as much, but I am always confused as to how and why this local apprentice would pay so much money. I imagine I will get an answer to a lot of my questions tomorrow, but if they have any additional information, I think they will help me, I would appreciate it. I need to get a high score on the hiring test, because I have no experience in the industry, and my knowledge of the tools is quite limited. I mean, I can change a tire, use a bolt, etc., but that skill level doesn`t necessarily seem worth mentioning. I guess they are looking for something essential, like the mechanic experience, while most of my experiences are as machine ushers. It`s better than fast food. Even the starting salary is quite high; This is a little less than what I did with my last job as a factory worker, but still much more than most of the other jobs I`ve had, including my current job. And then he goes up from there.

It`s too good to be true. Maybe it`s because Chicago is a big territory, and from what I can tell, they`re pretty selective about who they`re taking over. But still. How can they afford to pay 90k/year to an apprentice and why would they? Is this just a way to attract people at the end of the program? Wow, that`s a lot of money for benefits. Any tips to improve my chances of choosing? I will come by tomorrow morning to register and file all the necessary documents. According to the site, I will fill out a personal experience form (not quite sure what that means) and an aptitude test. The website (, which describes the program, indicates that apprentices start the first year at about $20 per hour, receive increases every six months, and in the fifth year, the rate rises to about $48 per hour. Based on my research, an electrician will not do 90k/year in this area, unless they have a lot of experience and/or if they were lucky very early. So unless I miss something, it seems that if I go through this program, I`ll earn a lot of money until I`m done, and then I`ll take a massive pay cut after the conclusion and maybe do a little more than at the beginning.