The documents required for the acquisition of shares include an executed share transfer agreement as indicated by the company and the issuance of a new share certificate by the company. The Myanmar Companies Law 2017 also requires that the transaction be registered in the share register and that the transfer be submitted to the Investment and Business Management Directorate. What are the material clauses of a sales contract? Third goal. The recipient may only use confidential information for purposes. The recipient must exercise due diligence to protect confidential information and prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential information. The recipient may disclose confidential information to its employees, directors, representatives or subcontractors who must know it and if they have agreed in writing with one of the parties or if they are required to process confidential information in accordance with this agreement (“representative”). Each party is responsible for any violation of the agreement by one of its representatives. If the acquisition of a company is by transfer of shares, the typical closing documents are the share transfer agreement and a shareholder pact. A business plan developed and agreed separately by the parties can be attached to the shareholders` pact as a timetable.

For the acquisition of a business through the acquisition of assets, the necessary documents include a sales contract and ancillary documents, such as disposal agreements. B for certain existing rights, assets and contracts that are transferred, as well as documents for the sale of land and property. 8. No obligation. This agreement does not require commercial transactions. (1) “confidential information”, all technical and non-technical information provided by one party to the other party and labelled confidential or proprietary at the time of disclosure, in graphic, electronic, written or oral form, including, but not limited to ideas, techniques, drawings, descriptions, specifications, works of authorship, including, but not only : , patent applications or other applications, models, inventions, know-how, processes, algorithms, Software Source Documents and formulas for current, future and proposed technologies, products and services, as well as any information on research, experimental work, development, financial information, procurement, client lists, investors, employees, business and contract relations, business and contract forecasts, business forecasts , business plans, proprietary information, personally identifiable information, sales and merchandising, marketing plans of the devout party and information that the disclosed party provides or belongs to them. For oral information to constitute “confidential information,” this information must be identified on that date as confidential or proprietary and the public party must provide a written summary of confidential information within 30 days of the first publication. 9.

No license. No party acquires intellectual property rights under this agreement, except for the limited rights necessary to use confidential information for this purpose.