Do you have an agreement with the seller or your client? Do not worry. SAP Business One has prepared a document called the Blanket Agreement to register your agreement. We`re going to finish things up there. I hope it was a useful use of your time, through the implementation of pricing and framework agreements. You also see the quantity unit. So that gives me a little idea of the importance they have already attached to this general agreement. So, out of the hundred, I`ve already made a unit, we see the accumulator balance of 700 dollars, the open quantity of 99, and then we see the sales open in a few other areas. So it is very similar to any other training order, the system, but we put in place a long-term agreement, and then the framework agreement follows all of that. Okay, so that`s the price structure.

That`s probably a lot to consume. Obviously, it all depends on the context of how your business is configured. But then again, there is only a certain awareness of these pricing mechanisms that we have in SAP and then, how the system then goes through that logic, to apply a price to a document. Congratulations! You just signed a big long-term contract with a new client. In the coming years, your company will provide goods and services to these customers on specified terms and conditions. So how are you going to follow him and follow him? SAP Business One provides you with the “Blanket Agreement,” an “Umbrella” document in which you can define the time line, type, terms and other details of that contact. In addition, you can refer documents produced under this contract to this framework agreement and add appendices. All the activities and paper traces associated with this long-term contract are available in one place! The next thing we have is this carbon framework, so if I put the carbon frame that was a media, I see that $184 goes through. I hope you can find out through the webinar that these prices, excuse me, go blue, so if you see a blue font in SAP Business One, it means that some kind of special price has been applied to this particular document, since in this case it is a sales order. A sales framework contract is a long-term agreement between a distributor and a customer. It usually occurs when a customer has committed to purchase large quantities of products that will be delivered over a period of time in several minor shipments.

Below are some restrictions that you may need to know if you want to use sales agreements. So we see that all this data arrives easily in the order of sale, no intervention of the user, the calculations are done behind the scenes. We still have schedules, but we also have the option of setting up recurring transactions behind the lump sum agreement, so that you have not only received confirmed units and prices, but that there might be a timetable that you would like to apply if you need those goods and services. So you can create a z.B. command for the order I have here in a recurring pattern, and then automatically create the order every week and month to write this framework agreement as a reminder. I can go all the way and see a discount on quantities. Again, when I take over the action, on behalf. Get into action, then I type a lot of ten, the discount goes to ten, because I`ll put that quantity discount out there.

If a debitor creates an order based on the agreement, it contains all the lines of the sales framework agreement. There is a link between the order and the agreement from which it was established. In order for your customers to create orders based on the agreements specified in the sales framework agreement in SAP Business One, you must activate the Sales Contracts option in Sana Admin: Configuration > Order – Caisse > Order.