For personal training, we can cover your own internal service, where the coach tries to provide relevant performance metrics. A collaboration within the Oxford Management Centre, which aims to provide our clients with the best training services and benefits. All of our courses are designed for interaction and for you to get the best education for your work and your situation. By participating in this GLOMACS Service Level Agreements training seminar, participants will create added value for themselves. This allows them to plan and develop a future career. The adapted calendar is available for all courses regardless of the dates of the calendar. Please contact us for more information. This GLOMACS Service Level Agreements training course ensures that you understand how to rationally decide, what activities to outsource or not, how to choose the best contractor and how to evaluate the performance of all parties involved. On this GLOMACS training course, you will understand the different types of contracts, the pros and cons of SLAs, avoiding possible pitfalls and improving performance. Balanced scores to measure the contractor`s performance, which are used in several sectors, are being discussed. By combining teaching and group work, you leave this GLOMACS training course with practical tools and exercises to develop improved ALS. This AZTech training course benefits all levels of staff in the areas of procurement and procurement, commercial and contract management, as well as technical staff who provide services under service level agreements.

It will allow them to contextualize their work, understand the contract and become aware of the various problems and risks associated with SLA contracts. This is a highly interactive GLOMACS service level training seminar that gives you a detailed overview of how you can develop and implement contracts (z.B. SLAs) – what you include and what to avoid. This GLOMACS Contract Management training seminar will highlight the benefits and pitfalls of SLAs and alternative approaches using case studies and exercises as illustrations. This course highlights the importance of service level agreements to meet the needs of companies that need long-term partnership agreements with outside service providers to achieve strategic objectives.