This is a lease for up to two years. It is therefore also possible to hold a rental agreement for a . B 8 months, one year or seventeen months. As long as the duration of the rental is not more than 24 months. It is not possible to renew a temporary Lease of Model B once it has been concluded. If the lease is extended, the “B-Leasing model for a fixed period” automatically changes into an indeterminate Model A lease with rental protection for the tenant. The tenant does not need to leave the house by the agreed deadline. Brief declaration rental agreement Model C The lease “Model C for a fixed period, with a diplomatic clause” is for the situation where the tenant and the landlord accept that the lease is temporary, because the intention is that the landlord will occupy the house himself after the agreed tenancy period. This lease must be terminated in time by the owner. With this model, it is possible that the rent will be extended for a specified period, as the landlord as expected to stay elsewhere. To this end, an agreement is reached in Article 3.1. The landlord must then inform the tenant in writing no later than 2 months before the expiry of the tenancy agreement that the tenancy agreement is extended by a period to be chosen by the landlord. It goes without saying that the new period will, as far as possible, be linked to the new appointment that the owner expects to return to the apartment.

The tenant then has the right to cancel the rent. It is advisable to send this letter to the tenant on time (and by email and mail) and ask the tenant for their consent. Before sending this letter, it is advisable to consult the tenant. It is possible to repeat such an extension (within certain limits). For an investor with several properties, it is advantageous for a tenant to rent for as long as possible. However, if you are moving abroad for a period of time or if you are travelling for several months, this is not the case. In this case, it is important to know that the lease has been established so that you can return to your own home at the desired time. Home of Orange is at the forefront of regulation, advises you on the contract model best suited to its situation and ensures a fair lease. Select PARAGRAPH (a) OR (b) – NO BOTH (month by month or week by week per week) This agreement must start at – and from month to month or _laufen.- from week to week (b) fixed TERM (month) this contract must start at a fixed-term or indeterminate agreement.

5. The tenant pays the rent to the following sentence: – per week; Per month; By term. the first payment of the rent is due on ` and the day of each week ` month, unless agreement to the contrary, the tenant must ensure that all rental payments are sent or delivered to the landlord agent or landlord. Rent can also be paid with predated cheques. jvhere rent rayarle, in whole or in part, is included in another that the lessor`s money must include to the tenant a letter that contains the payment and a value on each item in the payment. THE ORDER OF LAND MUST OBTAIN A RECEIPT TO THE TENANT FOR EACH RENTEIVED. Have you found a tenant, but do you want someone to make the lease for you? We like to do this for you. There`s a cost. Home of Orange uses leases and general regulations established by Hielkema Lawyers in Amsterdam. It`s a sense of security! The tenant has the option of letting the tenant committee decide if the agreed base rental price is not too high.

The tenant has up to 6 months after the end of the lease. The legislation is not entirely clear on this point, but it is assumed that it is “six months after the expiry of the agreed tenancy period”.