20.2 NJC points that may be included in a collective agreement are the points that the parties to the NJC agreements have designated as such or on which the Chairman of the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Board has ruled in accordance with the c) of the NJC agreement that came into force on December 6, 1978. 42.2 If there is disagreement over the application of this clause, the parties consult with the resolution of disputes. 20.1 Subject to the statutes of the National Joint Council, the Agreements of the National Joint Council of the Public Service on points, which can be incorporated into a collective agreement and approved by the contracting parties after December 6, 1978, be part of this collective agreement, subject to the Federal Public Sector Industrial Relations Act (FPSLRA) and any legislation (by Parliament , if applicable, is prescribed in accordance with a law in Section 113 (b) of the FPSLRA. no other level is waived, except by mutual agreement. 55.1 NRC`s workforce adjustment policy is part of this collective agreement and is reviewed and negotiated by the signatories of the directive in accordance with the terms of the directive. 46.4 When a worker is held by an authorized Council official: The provisions of item 46.1 apply. Notwithstanding Section 31.8.1 above, a worker who was a member of the rate unit at the time of the signing of the collective agreement retains previous periods of service for the purpose of “service delivery” and to establish his or her entitlement to leave. who were previously qualified for the census as a permanent job, until the end of his employment. 5.1 The parties to this agreement recognize the mutual benefits of joint consultation and are willing to engage in discussions on issues of common interest; these discussions will not affect the position that the Council or association wishes to adopt in the future on whether to regulate the issues through the provisions of collective agreements.