On July 18, 2015, Local`s Director of Education, Kevin Amick, led the largest orientation class of members with 93 participants. Kevin asked us to thank Billy Deacon, Theresa Khouri and AB Cooper for their participation in this very busy event. Stephanie Beman made a delicious lunch. Local 479 wishes all these members good luck in this VERY competitive endeavour and hopes that they will play their part in the next chapter of our state`s film industry. 5 Washington D.C (8/2/09-7/30/12) 8/2-09-7/31/10 8/1/10-7/30/11 7/31/11 -7 /3 0/12 Television Keys $37.55 $36.63 $38.30 $37.36 $39.07 $38.11 Second Third Utility – The first two people, who were hired on site in adhesion, Electrical and real estate services should be paid at key and secondary rates. and Maine (Massachusetts, New Hampshire) Rhode Island and Vermont (8/2/09-7/30/12) 8/2/09 to 7/31/10 8/1/10-7/30/11 7/31/7/30/12 Television Keys Negotiate Maryland Price Negotiated Maryland Negotiated Prices Maryland Council Second 32.27 Maryland Price $32.92 Maryland Price 33.58 Maryland Rate 33.58 Maryland Rate 33.58 Maryland Third Maryland Rate Work Week A workday is 5 or 6 consecutive working days from each consecutive working day of 7 consecutive calendar days from the first day. The 6th day of work is not mandatory if the employer has set up a regular 5-day work week. The work week can be postponed twice at no extra cost during the main photography. For episodic television, the work week can be postponed twice between the start or resumption of production and the shutdown of the main photograph or series for at least one week. Each workstation is subject to a minimum of 32 hours of rest. Eight hours without meals.

A work day that begins on a calendar day and ends with the next calendar day is credited on the first day, unless a day intersects on vacation or vacation overnight. In cases where working hours worked during calendar holidays with 2 hours overtime in 1/10 hours of Units of Television features 1x 1 1/2x 2x 2x 5 days 8 and/or 40 to more than 8 out of 12 out of 14 6. Day 12 of 12 on 14 7 days All hours Vacation every hour Hours Hourly Showbiz Labor Guide 2010/2011 Area Standards Agreement – Page 5 Hardcopies der Area Standards Agreement (ASA) are now available at the office and to all members. Each local member should have a copy of this document in their possession, as it documents the agreement between the signatory employers and IATSE and contains details on wages, work days, work weeks, rest periods, production centres, distant jobs, pro-1s and many other details relevant to your ASA job. Those of you who work on shows should talk to your stewards and field agents, as they will be distributing copies in the days and weeks ahead. 7 Meal Penalties 1. 1/2 hour or fraction of which nd 1/2 hour or fraction of which about 1/2 hour or fraction and after 1/2 hour or fraction if the majority of the crew agrees, hours of French can be introduced daily. A worker`s consent to the use of a French hourly meal scheme is not a condition of employment.

Start and Dismissal Times Local – Nearby Hires Distant Hires Set-to-set. The mileage value of $0.30 is payable only if the employee is asked to use his vehicle outside the 30-mile production area. Portal-to-the-portal. In all cases, this depends on the date of the trip depending on the accommodation generally made available to remote rental housing and the corresponding production location. Travel Days only (holidays included) 4 hours in entitled time or time actually traveled, but do not pay more than 8 hours just time. Cancellation of call If notification is not given 6 p.m.