The water must be dosed and delivered to the buyer through a specific connection. The buyer is responsible for blocking the supply point to ensure that the water is not used by third parties and the buyer undertakes responsibility for all dosed uses, regardless of their use. This agreement is entered into by and between J LC and West Mountain Water Company as a seller (company) and Salem City as a buyer (Salem) for the intermediation of certain water rights, as stated in this regard. Singapore, April 6, 2011 – PUB, Singapore`s National Water Agency and Hyflux Ltd, today signed a 25-year water purchase contract (EPA) for Singapore`s second and largest desalination plant through their wholly owned subsidiary Tuaspring Pte Ltd (Tuaspring). THIS CONTRACT, for the purchase of water is called in the City Day, Minnesota, whose address is , , below referred to as “seller”, and , a public body according to the laws of Minnesota, with its main place of business in the city, County, Minnesota, whose address is This Water Purchase (“contract”) for the sale and purchase of water was made in this 26. 2016, to the extent authorized by applicable legislation, as of June 30, 2016 (effective date) of and under Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc., a Nevada-based company (`buyer`) and Rocky Mountain High Water Company, LLC, a limited liability company in Delaware (`seller`). From time to time, buyers and sellers are individually referred to as “party” and collectively “parties” in this agreement. This purchase water agreement (“agreement”) was signed on September 19, 2016 by and between the California-American Water Company, known as the “company,” the “Regional Water Pollution Monitoring Agency,” and the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District, known as the “District.” The company, agency and district are referred to as “party” and collectively “parties.” Parties: ST. BERNARD SOFTWARE, INC. | Greenspan Law Corporation Law Firm: Mintz Levin Document Date: 28.07.2008 Applicable Law:California Parties: LAS VEGAS RESORTS CORP | Tianmen Yuekou Water Supply Co., Ltd. The document was at 19.12.2005 . You are here: Agreements > contracts to purchase water parties: MIDDLESEX WATER CO | BOROUGH OF HIGHLAND PARK Document Date: 5/8/2006 Industry: Water Utilities Sector: Utilities THIS WATER PURCHASE AGREEMENT (“Agreement”), dated April 6, 2010 (the “Execution Date”), is located to and from the DISTRICT WATER DE MARINA COAST, a county water district organized and operated under the County Water District Law, Sections 30000 and the California Water Code (“MCWD”). MONTEREY COUNTY WATER RESOURCES AGENCY (“MCWRA”), a duly constituted water resource agency created in accordance with the Monterey County Water Resources Act, which was found in Schedule 52 of the California Water Code and has its primary address in 893 Blanco Circle, Salinas, CA 93901; and CALIFORNIA-AMERICAN WATER COMPANY, a California-based company and regulated utility (“CAW”), at the main address at 1033 B Avenue, Suite 200, Coronado, CA 92118.